Sterling Silver and Purple Crazy Agate Earrings

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Item # ERSTG101


.925 Sterling Silver


Purple Crazy Agate

Gemstones Size:

25 mm

Earrings Length:

2 3/8 inch

Place of Assembly:


Stone Usage: ALL genuine stones! NO substitutes

We set our natural gemstones in .925 Sterling Silver for what we call “Gorgeous with benefits!”

Sterling Silver is used extensively with gemstones because it is able to both attract and retain unto itself those qualities that are emitted by the stone or crystal. Silver can draw out negative energies from the body while transferring the positive forces of the mineral, crystal or gem its set in.

Agate has been used throughout history for a variety of medicinal purposes. One of the primary uses has been to reduce discomfort in both mother and child during pregnancy. It is also said to be useful for reducing headaches, dizziness, and even impaired balance. A key stipulation however is that the stone must be in physical contact with the skin around the area suffering from the affliction. For example, to combat feverish infections it is important to place the stone on the heart or the throat chakra. This works for any variety of infections or simple inflammation, such as contact with weary or tired eyes.

Magical properties

It is said that agate possesses many mystical powers. One of these powers is the ability to permit the user to distinguish between honest and false friends. It can also allow the young to avoid danger, direct violent weather away from the bearer, and avert miscarriages.


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